Our History


Nepal gained international recognition for biodiversity conservation. Many of the globally threatened fauna and flora now have better protection. However, challenges to biodiversity conservation are becoming increasingly more complex and serious to due climate change, forest loss/modification, expansion of infrastructure, commercial silviculture practices and rapid expansion of invasive species and wildlife trade. We felt a sense of urgency for a concerted effort of conservation scientists and practitioners working in Nepal. This realization brought us together to form SCB Nepal for better networking and communication among ourselves, including like-minded individuals across the world.

Nepal Chapter Society for Conservation Biology

Dr. Prakash K. Paudel conceived of an idea of formation of Nepal Chapter of Society for Conservation Biology (SCB). Society for Conservation Biology is an international professional membership based organization. SCB Chapters are local groups that work toward the goals of SCB and the Chapter. Nepal Chapter of Society for Conservation Biology Nepal (SCB Nepal) was formally established on April 8, 2019 with counter signatures between Mike Mascia, President of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) and Dr. Prakash K Paudel, founding president of SCB Nepal, with reference to the agreement, bylaw and charter of SCB.

Following were the founding members of SCB Nepal:

  • Prakash K Paudel
  • Krishna P. Acharya
  • Damber Bista
  • Gopal Khanal

Society for Conservation Biology-Nepal

Society for Conservation Biology Nepal (SCB Nepal) is a legally registered professional organization in Nepal.