Research Mentorship

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Nepal organizes research mentorship program to enhance research capacities and skills of early and mid-career conservation researchers and students.

This is a six-month program (twice in a year – Winter and Summer sessions) that engages participants (both mentees and mentors) from Nepal. Mentees will be paired up with a mentor (researcher or faculty) and choose a research project from a list of thematic areas offered by the program. Mentorship will include, but not limited to, designing research framework, data analysis and research publication.

Possible thematic areas for the year 2020-2021 are:

  1. Conservation ecology
  2. Conservation education and policy
  3. Wildlife ecology
  4. Conservation under environmental change (e.g., range shift, invasive species)
  5. Data mining and interpretation
  6. Research proposal writing
  7. Others

Mentees will establish deep relationship with their mentor and learn about research techniques that help to mature their research goals. There will be regular webinar series that connects mentees to some of the promising researchers in Nepal and abroad.

Along with these research benefits, they will also be immersed in professional networking with like-minded and equally curious peers. Moreover, we also highly encourage mentees to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals with support from their mentors.

Both mentors and mentees should be a member of the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) Nepal. Moreover, mentees should be an early career researcher or a graduate level student.

Financial support
Limited number of mentees will also receive stipend to support their logistics and communication for research.

Fill up an online application form and send in your research idea and get started.

For general enquiry, you can reach us at: